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Post 4: Goat History, GOAT History, Goatlist History, and Checkers.

What’s up with the goat? They are like Bubba’s shrimp in Forrest Gump. We got fainting goats, rockclimbing goats, yoga goats, billie goats, Jesus goat, Judas goats, Occult goats (not very nice), goats, G.O.A.T.s, Checkers the Nubian Goat. I can … Read More

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Post 3: Shackleton’s Moral Courage, The Path is the Goal, David & Goliath, “Run the Picket Fence”.

  “The War is Over”.  So they say.  “I would not invest in a new social platform” sayeth countless VC’s. We’ve all heard it. The monopolies have run the table.  What is there left to innovate? Everything has already been … Read More

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Post 2: Settle the Debate, Power to the People, and the Venerated and Benevolent High Council of Original GOATs

Settle the Debate.   We’ve all done it.  MJ is better than Lebron.  Tiger is better than Jack.  Brady or Peyton? What about Brees? Ali or Iron Mike? What about Floyd?   But who is the greatest? How can we … Read More

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Post 1: Enter Goatlist: Seeking the Middle Path

Post 1:  Dunbar Tribes, Direct Democracy, and “Slow-cial” Commerce Welcome to Goatlist.  This is our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and first iteration of a new kind of Social Commerce Application.  We have big ambitions for our digital platform, but realize … Read More

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